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Ep 13: Pronounced Lee w/Lea Anderson

Updated: Apr 18, 2018

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If you listened to Episode 9, you heard Lea Anderson’s sweet voice as my featured artist. Today I’m so thrilled that she’s my episode guest! After spending a short time as a cruise ship performer, Lea has made a triumphant return to the city as a competitor at Amateur Night At The Apollo, here in Harlem.

Lea is a multifaceted artist; a  singer/songwriter and flutist with a background in musical theatre and oil painting. Lea also has a love for travel cultivated by her childhood curiosity and her theatre career, which has allowed her to see much of the United States. Now that she’s returned to the city, she’s revving up promotion of her new album,Pronounced Lee, which has a bit of travel embedded in it with all the songs being written in a different state.

Lea believes that her artistic gift is directly from God and says that her goal is to help heal the world through music.

Listen in on our winding chat, encompassing everything from getting an email from Al Sharpton’s daughter to not holding down a “regular” job, her first musical theatre gig, staying grounded and purposeful in the music and theatre industry, and what’s up next for her music.

Lea is in the process of raising funds to continue to create dope visuals for her album. Support her as she brings great music to the masses!

To connect with Lea, check out all her links below. And be sure to purchase her album and check out her song “Real Love” at the end of the episode!

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