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Ep 20: Moving Forward – Finale

Updated: Apr 18, 2018

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I truly cannot believe that we’ve reached the end of 2017 already! This year has literally flown by. I’m sure many of you are in that “end of year contemplation” mode that I’ve found myself in. What have I accomplished? What have I learned? Where have I been slacking? What do I want to focus on in the new year? What do I want to accomplish?

These questions and so many others are running through my mind right now. For me, this year was one of many challenges that I never anticipated and, at times, felt completely overwhelmed by. And at the same time, I experienced great joys and accomplishments that I also did not plan for myself.

As the year comes to a close and my vision for next year grows, I find it necessary to set down the production of this podcast. It has been such a beautiful experience, allowing me the opportunity to connect with new people in NYC and put my hands to work and learn quite a few new things in the world of audio production.

As I move forward, I will continue to travel, perform, speak, write, and inspire others. I also want to announce that I have begun pursuing life-coaching and I have created a course specifically for those who know that fear is holding them back from the life they know they’re meant to live. My course, #fearisstupid: from Fearful to Vulnerable to Victorious, is a three-week journey, one-on-one, with me. I will be your coach and guide, helping you discover and name your fears, confront the vulnerabilities, and create tools for getting you to a place of victory. Many of you know my #fearisstupid brand, and have been encouraged by it. I believe that this course and life-coaching practice are the next steps in my life’s purpose and development. I’m excited about the work I’ve done with clients thus far and I can’t wait to dive in more in December and into the New Year.

If you’re interested in learning more about the course or registeringwith me, please don’t hesitate to contact me at so we can get started.

As always, you can stay connected to me via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also find my book on Amazon and continue to stay connected to my written thoughts via my blog. Although travel blogging has also taken a bit of a backseat, I’ll continue to share my travels when I’m able.

I’m so grateful that God continues to give me new dreams, visions, and desires as I accomplish old ones. My goal and prayer is to go to a new level in 2018 and I hope you’ll all take yourselves higher.

And speaking of visions, be sure to register for Flow Into Your Vision, a vision board/yoga flow workshop on January 6. If you believe in the power of writing your vision in a way you can see and remember it, this is the workshop for you!

As I always say, Fear is Stupid. So get out in the world and live, love, go, do, be. That’s wedontsitoncouches! Happy Holidays Enter into 2018 Fearlessly!!

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