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Ep 17: The MUSE Experience w/Kimberly Waters

Updated: Apr 18, 2018

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The smell of your grandmother’s perfume. The scent of the face lotion your mom used when you were a child. The fragrance of the oil you use when you twist your hair. These are things that you never forget. You may not know the brand of the hair oil or remember the name of the perfumer who created your grandmother’s signature scent, but let that fragrance meet your nose after years of not smelling it and you’ll immediately be transported back to a specific time and place.

It is said that smell is the strongest sense tied to memory but very often, we don’t consciously consider fragrance in a way that makes it an active part of our lives. Kimberly Waters is seeking to change that; to bring fragrance into her clients’ lives in a way that makes them more aware and more deliberate about what they choose. She is the founder of Modern Urban Sensory Experiences, or MUSE, and her founding  premise is that perfume is not just about buying into what’s trendy or popular, but about  a lifestyle of emotional connections and authentic perspectives.

Kimberly operates the Perfume Parlor by MUSE out of a Harlem brownstone and her goal is to be the go-to destination for fragrance in Harlem. She is excited about the opportunity to create a voice and presence in Harlem to help others have a different experience around fragrance.

Listen in as we chat about her love for fragrance, how her travels to places like Florence, the Seychelles,  and Bogotá have created experiences around fragrance that have been her inspiration, and how her go-to fragrance, Tyl, makes her feel. We also chat about her future travels and goals for MUSE, and the importance of building an organic following by being yourself and doing what you love to make a true and lasting impact.

To connect with Kim and The Perfume Parlour in Harlem, check the following links: IG: @theperfumeparlourbymuse IG: @muse_experience

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a MUSE sensory experience at The Perfume Parlor in Harlem. Enjoy the montage below.

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