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Ep 19: Just…Show: UP! w/William Bryant Miles

Updated: Apr 18, 2018

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Imagine a fabulous dinner party… hosted by your closest friends… that you’ve never met… in a place that you’ve never been. That’s the core hypothesis behind  Show: UP! Today’s guest is William Bryant Miles, the co-creative director of this immersive, interactive, theatrical dining experience. After working in various aspects of the theatre industry, he decided to create an experience that allowed him to be fully himself while enjoying an unconventional night at the theatre. In 2014 he partnered with Nickolas Vaughan and Shellie Porter to begin the process of bringing this idea to life.

The goal of Show: UP! is to provide a theatrical experience where the traditional rules of theatre are thrown out the window. You’re encouraged to interact with your neighbor and other theatregoers in the moment and use your cell phone as the action unfolds around you. All events are completely catered so food and drink are a part of the experience. To top it all off, all the characters have social media accounts that are updated in real time…and you get to interact with them! Calling their experience “the best dinner party ever”, it’s truly an out-of-the-box evening at the theatre.

Listen in as William shares a bit about Show: UP!, the evolution of his personal artistry, life as an expat in the UK, and more.

The next dinner party is January 6, 2018 and tickets are on sale NOW! Also, check the links below to stay in touch with William and the team!

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The Show: UP! Team: Creative Director: William Bryant Miles Creative Director: Nickolas Vaughan Culinary Director: Shellie Porter

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