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Ep 16: Today I Dare… w/Danielle Fontus

Updated: Apr 18, 2018

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Meet Danielle Fontus, aka Dani Dares, a traveler, adventurer, and explorer. Her mission is to inspire and encourage others, specifically women, to shake up their lives and live as fully as possible.

Dani’s study abroad experience in college solidified her love of travel. But after being laid off from her job she had time to travel to Trinidad to be with family for an extended period of time. It was then that she began asking herself a few necessary questions:

What do I want from my life? What do I want my life to look like? How do I achieve the fulfilling life that I want? When and how do I refuel? This time away from the daily hustle of life and work was when she discovered that she wanted travel to always be a part of her life.

As cliche as it is to say that I found myself, I really discovered a huge and deep piece of myself and what I wanted for my life. I got to connect with pieces of my culture that I grew to understand and appreciate more deeply and I tapped into my desire to live a travel lifestyle.

Dani is known among her circle of friends as one who will always suggest an activity that requires some sort of waiver. She dares herself to live fully in every moment and is passionate about helping others do the same. That passion has manifested itself in many ways including a magazine, a blog, and a social community.

Take a listen as we discuss her study abroad experience, personal travels and adventures, and more. To connect with Dani and the SheDares community, follow the links below:

IG: @danidares  & @shedares Twitter: @She_Dares & @DaniDares Facebook: SheDares

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