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Ep 14: Fashion, The Biz, Ghana, and NYC w/Ngaa Bedell & Patryce Williams

Updated: Apr 18, 2018

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Ngaa Bedell is a multi-talented creative with experience in a variety of disciplines including painting, sculpting, graphic design, and photography. She currently works with Studio 189, a clothing line co-founded by actress Rosario Dawson and Abrimah Erwiah based in Accra, Ghana. Her desire to work with a company that produces “ethical fashion” is part of what drew her to Studio 189. Recently, Ngaa was in New York for fashion week and we had a chance to chat about the line, her background, her experience as a Black American living in Ghana, and much more.

Mutual friend, Patryce Williams, also joined us to chat about life as an actor in New York City. Patryce is the vocalist from SUM, the band created by her husband and featured on Episode 8. She shares a bit about how she’s seen the industry change from the time she first moved to New York until now. We also talk a bit about how she maneuvers life as the lead singer for her husband’s band and broadening her horizons to include work outside of acting.

Listen in as I chat with Ngaa and Patryce and be sure to check out the GoFundMe to support SUM. Also, be aware that SUM will be performing at The Kennedy Center Millennium Stage on October 14. And be sure to listen to the featured song today, also by SUM.

Connect with Ngaa and Patryce via the following links: Ngaa: IG: @ngaab

Patryce: IG: @patrycewillbell

SUM: IG: @sum_nyc


Artist: SUM Song: Test The Waters

Connect with SUM: FB: @sumonenyc IG: @sum_nyc Soundcloud

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